Romanian Employment Agency

If you are looking for an established Romanian employment agency, with a professional outlook, and caring nature, you have come to the right place.

Romanian Workers

ERA have extensive knowledge in sourcing, screening, processing and placing skilled and un-skilled Romanian workers. Client feedback indicates the selected manpower is self-motivated, enthusiastic and keen to impress the employer.

Common areas of employment include:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Manual
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Construction

In recent times we have placed large teams of Romanian workers into project based taskings. Our clients were very complimentary regarding the positive attitude of the selected workers.

The language barrier was one of the major problems for English speaking companies hiring Romanians, however in recent times this has become less of an issue. Across the board language and literacy skills have improved to a level that is now deemed satisfactory.

With so many pockets of skills shortages around the world, tapping into the Romanian market has proved very beneficial to global businesses. In fact, without this resource it would be fair to say many businesses may have gone under.

If you have a keen interest in hiring Romanian workers and looking to utilise our agency, you will need to produce a detailed job description, from a recruitment standpoint this document is very important. It is the starting point of the hiring process

For more information on our Romanian employment agency please email or utilise a website contact form. Upon receipt a member of our team will respond at the earliest opportunity.


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