Polish Staffing Agency

Migrant workers from Poland have been plying their trades around the world for generations.

Polish Workers

Established in 2006, ERA has risen to become a dominant player within Europe, their Polish Staffing Agency is constantly taking enquiries from employers who are short of manpower.

Common placement areas include:

  • Hospitality
  • Care
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Manual
  • Transport
  • Industrial
  • Call Centre

As a leading Polish Staffing Agency ERA naturally hold an extensive database of available workers, this contains both skilled and un-skilled labour.

If your company is struggling for manpower you need to take proactive steps as soon as possible, areas where shortages exist are only going to get worse. Working alongside a support agency like ERA can only be beneficial. The most common contracts taken out are for permanent, temporary and seasonal workers.

Employers should note, ERA offer a no quibble 30-day free replacement policy for any worker that is deemed unsatisfactory or in the event of an unusual occurrence. Whilst due diligence and screening processes are complex and comprehensive, occasionally the suitability of a worker may be questionable. Further details of this policy can be obtained by speaking to a member of staff.

If you are keen to proceed there are 2 things to consider:

  1. A suitable, detailed and comprehensive job description will be required
  2. A fair package will need to be offered

If you would like more details of ERA’s comprehensive recruitment based services, please email enquiries@recruitment-agency.eu, alternatively you can fill out a website form.


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