Placement Solutions for the Middle East

ERA specialise in the delivery of placement solutions for the Middle East. In areas where specific skill shortages exist, suitably qualified European manpower can be sourced.

Middle East Workers

Sectors covered include:

  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Commodities
  • Hospitality

By delivering a wide range of recruitment-based services for companies located in the Middle East, manpower problems can be alleviated. Whatever the requirement, be that individuals or large teams, ERA is perfectly positioned to deliver. The goal on all projects is to source the best workers available.

As soon as the requirement is known, official quotes are issued, following acceptance and the signing of contracts the recruitment process can begin. Each ERA client is allotted a personal consultant, this helps develop a bond between the hirer and the recruiter whilst maintaining continuity.

Depending on the type of work the Middle East can be high risk and harsh working environment. To that end it is imperative the right workers are sourced and selected. Many workers are lured by attractive salaries without considering working and living conditions. The due diligence process at ERA is so precise those deemed unsuitable are quickly ‘sifted out’.

To secure quality European workers attractive packages may need to be offered as the race for skilled talent is a competitive one.

On all projects enough time needs to be given, so the supporting agency can carry out all the recruitment tasks effectively. ERA urge employers to start the hiring process as quickly as possible.

If your company is based in the Middle East and you require effective placement solutions please contact ERA today. You can do this by emailing or completing a website contact form. Please note all enquiries are dealt with in a timely, confidential and effective manner.


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