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ERA is a dedicated overseas recruitment agency.

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Sourcing suitable workers can be difficult if a business is expanding internationally or they have recently secured a new contract. Companies that find themselves in this situation often need recruitment-based support. This is where ERA comes into play, their extensive knowledge of international recruitment makes them the perfect choice.

If you are keen to source the best available talent, in a timely manner, utilising the services of an established overseas recruitment agency will make perfect sense. ERA for example, hold a manpower database far in excess of 1 million workers.

If local skills shortages exist, spreading recruitment nets further afield makes perfect sense. Having on-board a well-established recruitment partner with a strong understanding of international law and visa restrictions will be a positive move for any business.

The starting point for all new projects is a firm understanding of the requirement. This is achieved by the employing company providing a detailed job description. Armed with this document, experienced recruitment consultants can establish the best course of action, whilst providing time-line estimates.

To help with continuity and developing a strong working relationship, new clients at ERA are allotted an individual recruitment consultant. Their job is to work on a project from the beginning to the end, delivering exceptional results and value for money.

If you require the services of an overseas recruitment agency and are impressed by ERA’s offering, send an email to enquiries@recruitment-agency.eu, alternatively you can fill out a website contact form. Please note all enquiries are dealt with in a timely manner and in the strictest confidence.


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