European Transport Recruitment

Over the years ERA has placed thousands of European workers into transport related jobs.

Transport Recruitment

It would be fair to say, we are proficient at sourcing suitably qualified manpower to fill temporary and permanent roles. Drivers enjoy nothing more than being out on the open road, it’s what they do best. We facilitate this by sourcing top quality meaningful employment.

Employers are instantly impressed with our can do attitude, it doesn’t matter where support is needed, it is given. Often clients struggle with the complexities of producing a quality job description, here our consultants’ step in to assist. The most important aspect is one not to lose sight of, that is to source, screen and put into work the right type of people.

If local drivers are difficult to source there’s a good reason for it, this could be, the level of competition has risen over the years, it may be there are just less available drivers. When specific manpower is in short supply it’s imperative to offer attractive salaries. Short term gains in this area can become costly mistakes. Companies with high manpower churn rates are notoriously low payers. Here there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt.

ERA hold a huge inventory of available European drivers; this is one of the main reasons why our services are in such high demand.

If you would like more information on our European transport recruitment services please drop our Support Team a line by emailing, alternatively you can utilise a website contact form.


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