European Staffing Agency

Companies interested in hiring European labour are constantly turning to ERA. With a huge database of available skilled labour, who can blame them.

European Staffing Agency

In recent times our European staffing agency has become so busy, we’ve actually been recruiting ourselves. With skill shortages on the rise companies are being forced into looking further afield for their available talent.

With skilled labour in short supply we advise all our new clients to pitch their offers accordingly. In a candidate driven market tabling an attractive package is the only sure way of securing talented workers.

The good news is, our due diligence and selection processes are so water-tight the manpower selected for our clientele is making a real difference.

If you require a European staffing agency to partner up your company, you will be well served in selecting ERA.

Our advice to the employer is:

  • Offer an attractive package
  • Plan ahead with your recruitment
  • Don’t be afraid of the visa process
  • Utilise the services of an agency who fully support your business
  • Retention is the key to cost reduction
  • When needed produce detailed job descriptions
  • Invest in young workers
  • Recruiting from within is a great starting point

If you are interested in utilising the services of a European staffing agency, do yourself a favour and contact ERA today. You can reach them by emailing, alternatively you can fill out a website contact form.



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