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ERA provides Smart, technological based, recruitment solutions for the international market.

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As a highly regarded European manpower agency, ERA delivers various solutions directly into the hands of the employer, these include:







The ethos at ERA is based around the pledge of supplying the most suitable manpower for any given position. By doing this consistently, hiring churn is reduced and recruitment costs lowered. Our operational areas of responsibility allow us to place European workers into international placements and international workers into European jobs.

Understanding multiculturism is an important subject when placing workers globally. New employees need to feel comfortable in their new surroundings if they are to deliver long-term value. Companies are now starting to see the value of ‘investing in people’, this is going a long way to raising morale and profitability.

Getting the recruitment process off to a good start is reliant on the hiring company providing the right level of information. This is documented on a job description form, the bible for recruiters. At ERA it is no different, armed with suitable information the recruitment process can begin. If assistance is needed on this subject, please do not worry, it is available.

Utilising technology is a strength of ours. We have cleverly streamlined internal processes and introduced attractive features to simplify and strengthen our recruitment offering.

If you are searching for a European manpower agency, one that will alleviate your hiring difficulties, please contact the team at ERA. You can reach them by emailing or utilising a website contact form. Those making contact will quickly realise they are dealing with a professional outfit.


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