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ERA specialise in the delivery of European healthcare recruitment services.

Healthcare Workers

The healthcare sector is suffering from a worldwide skills shortage, this anomaly makes it difficult for employers and job seekers alike.

With the global shortage estimated to be greater than 12 million the demand is universal. The recruitment challenges can be summarised as follows:

Job seekers:

  • Do you have the required experience demanded in job advertisements?
  • Are you familiar with the visa requirements of the job location?
  • Often local language abilities are required. Do you meet these or are you prepared to undertake IELTS test?
  • Is the financial and support offered acceptable?
  • Have you looked at the cost of living in your target country?


  • Are your job requirements realistic?
  • Is your support package sufficiently attractive?
  • Next to salary, the quality of accommodation is key
  • Where possible do you hold visa pre-approvals?
  • Are you empathetic towards job seekers?
  • Why should they choose to work for your organisation?

The population of Europe is in excess of 500 million with the European Union making up the majority of the people. Each country within Europe has its own rules and healthcare challenges which need to be understood if recruitment is to be successful. This is an area where ERA excel, we understand and empathise with the needs of the employer and job seeker. Whilst the sector is challenging, we are making positive strides.

For a realistic assessment of recruitment opportunities for healthcare professional from or within Europe you need to communicate with the professionals at ERA. You can do this by emailing or using a website contact form.


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