Skills shortages are a global problem

More than half of firms have encountered difficulties recruiting in the last six months, according to research.

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The survey of global senior HR decision makers shows that 70% cite difficulties to a skills shortage in the candidate pool. This is a particular issue for companies in the UK (76%) and less pronounced in Asia-Pac (60%) but the impact from Australia has not yet come through..

Meanwhile, just 33% of companies rate themselves as “good” or “excellent” when it comes to using innovative and creative approaches to secure new talent, while more than half of HR professionals surveyed consider that their organisation is “good” or “excellent” in terms of having flexibility in the recruitment process. But of course Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

One in five of HR leaders identified a lack of flexibility in the type of candidate sought.

With many organisations now recruiting globally the competition for talent is set to intensify.

Not surprisingly registrations from Ireland Greece Portugal and Spain are noticeably up.

The biggest shoppers in Europe at the moment are the Australians with the catchy strapline “try before you” buy aimed at Tradesmen under 30.




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