Recruitment from within wins

When approached for any headhunting role we always advise clients to ensure that they have thoroughly examined the internal option first.

Internal Recruitment

This advice applies to any senior position warranting the use of a headhunter because there is no need to invest the time and money in a search if you already have the resources on board.

As you climb the corporate tree the relevance of this advice increases particularly important at Chief Executive and Chairman level.

From our perspective we always believe in giving clients best advice as we seek to build long term relationships where satisfied clients will return with further commissions rather than “grabbing the fee”

There are still occasions when corporations need to look outside for example when step change is needed within the culture or where an outsider is required to lead and reshape the business which is failing to perform to expectations but even then there might be an internal candidate to be considered based on better the devil you know.

If the roles of Chairman and CEO are split the risks of stepping outside are lessened as you should hopefully have one experienced man on the bridge of the corporate ship at all times.

In all situations it is essential to be planning ahead for succession – what happens to your organisation if the Chairman and/or CEO are killed? If the twin responsibilities are vested in one person the corporate shock that can follow could be highly damaging. This is why the UK model of splitting the roles reduces the risks as well as controlling megalomania.

So best advice when looking at succession planning look within before turning to a headhunter as an internal candidate will know better than any external candidate what is truly going on in your company.

But we are here if you need us.



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