International Oil and Gas Skills Shortage

You need to think globally to get a handle on the escalating skills shortage in technical position throughout the Oil and Gas industry at a time of escalating demand.

Oil and Gas Jobs

It is close to being a perfect storm:

  • Japan’s natural disaster means that demand for oil and gas will escalate
  • Fear of nuclear plants will slow development and in the meantime will increase the demand for oil and gas
  • Although patchy the world’s recovery from recession will require more energy resources – another vote for oil and gas
  • Political instability in the Middle East has reduced supply from that area and has incurred long term infrastructure damage increasing the price of oil and gas
  • The higher prices means that marginal development sites are now attractive to bring on stream

So what does this all mean? It means that the demand for a scarce resource – no, not the oil and gas – but the labour to get it out of the ground and to process it has escalated.

For those fancying working in Australia there are many openings. However, the Norwegians, who have very large chequebooks are luring, amongst others, Aussies to new development fields. When the Japanese need more skills they’ll have to buy them in and of course the Middle East has the deepest pockets of them all.





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