International Engineering Opportunities

As a European Recruitment Agency we have written extensively about the opportunities for Engineers wishing to work in international markets and how the world is a very small place these days when it comes to hiring talent.

European Recruitment

  • Working in Australia is probably the easiest location to get into and this market has demand across the board
  • Germany is on the look out , but you ideally need the language but if you can work in the EU you have an automatic right to work in Germany
  • Norway is an associate member of the EU but when it needs talent it simply pays and they have a long shopping list for Oil and Gas Engineers at present
  • Middle East is on tick over but will come back strongly within 6 months and will have to pay up to get the talent
  • Japan is quiet , but has extensive off shore oil interests and will be recruiting strongly to replace power lost by natural disaster.
  • USA is recruiting but as far as we are aware the green card rules still apply.

If you trained as an engineer you are in an enviable position in today’s market place.

Have a good look round – it is a sellers market place and is likely to remain so for at least 2 years.

If English isn’t your first language look at getting a qualification such as IELTS with a level 5 pass across the board this opens up working in Australia for instance.

Good luck with your search


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