International Headhunting Services

ERA are well known international recruiters. To fully satisfy the needs of the employer a Headhunting Department was introduced in 2008. This section works tirelessly in the pursuit of sourcing suitable executives and high end managers.

This service is suitable for companies searching for:

  • Chairmen
  • CEO’s
  • Managing Directors
  • Executives

International recruiters of standing need to be well versed in the tactics of headhunting. It would be fair to say ERA has a strong reputation for luring highly paid international workers from one company to another.

Poaching top quality operators is a common tactic in the corporate environment. To be successful it helps to have a firm grasp on employment psychology, it’s not always about financial reward, many high-end operators are driven by new challenges or giving back to sectors they have prospered in.

Discretion and professionalism are core values in the pursuit of effective headhunting. Think of it as a football team looking to strengthen their squad.

The starting point for a headhunt is the drawing up of a substantive requirement document. Armed with this consultants at ERA produce their action plans. Positive feedback suggests this Department is getting things just right.

When shortlists are compiled in depth suitability meetings are held with the client, following this initial offers are made.

If you would like to deal with a company full of professional international recruiters, simply email, utilise the employers contact form or call the Customers Services Department on +44 (0)2079890750. A member of staff will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry in a prompt, professional manner.


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