Traditional Recruitment Services

As a global recruitment agency of standing, ERA offer top quality services to the employer and job seeker.

Effective international recruitment is based around quality systems that deliver the right worker, into the right position, regardless of physical location. At ERA that’s exactly what’s offered.

Traditional Recruitment

This occurs when an employer contacts ERA with a specific manpower request. Following the receipt of a job description an advert is produced, the search begins. After shortlists are compiled recruitment consultants work with the employer to trim the application list to a manageable level. Following this interviews are arranged, either physical or virtual.

ERA are a global recruitment agency with nets spread wide in the search for skilled operatives. Only by getting the right people, at the first time of asking, can a recruitment process be viewed as valuable. In this regard ERA outshine all the competition.

Contract Labour

In certain circumstances ERA will offer the employer a contract labour option. In essence the workers are employed by ERA and subcontracted to the employer. Many companies prefer this method as it delivers specific safeguards whilst saving valuable time.

Why Choose ERA?

Trust, ethics and professionalism are expected from a global recruitment agency. To move skilled labour around the world immense knowledge is needed in the subjects of:

  • Global qualifications
  • Visas and immigration
  • Logistics
  • Language barriers
  • Suitability

Companies turn to ERA because they assured of a professional, discrete service, one that delivers the perfect worker, time and time again. Naturally employers play their part, by allowing ample time and producing suitable job descriptions.

Of course ERA do not just deal with the individual, the company have a large infrastructure in place that allows them to place large quantities of workers, an example is 2000 people for a major food company.

If you would like more information on the services and internationally competitive packages offered by ERA, simply email or call (0)2079890750.


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