Turkish delight at William Hague’s statement

Would admitting Turkey to the EU be a step too far whilst Western European economies are under so much pressure? It seems Foreign Secretary William Hague faces a rebellion by right-wing Tories over plans to let Turkey join the European Union.
Germany, that used to have up to 4 million Turkish guest workers, has led fierce opposition with warnings that hundreds of thousands of Turks will look for work in richer countries.
But in a speech last week, Mr Hague said Turkey was Europe’s biggest emerging economy and that Britain would "make a particular diplomatic effort" to work with it. Mr Hague said those efforts would start with a "major visit" this week by Turkish foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu.
Entry is some years off with 2019 being mooted but the probability of a substantial influx of workers is very real and the integration challenges considerable should Turkey be permitted to join the EU.

We very much need to put our own house in order before allowing another major source of labour into the country. 


Author: Chris Slay


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