Social Recruitment – the latest buzz in the recruitment industry. Now or later?

A reflective look at the development of social media over the past 3 years maps the appearance of Twitter and the emergence of Facebook as a major player and a plethora of other sites of limited appeal and reach. Linkedin has moved much more towards the social aspects and is the current favourite spamming site within the recruitment industry. Buzz has arrived but has yet to take off.

We are sure the next 3 years will see the technology move forward to make everything even easier to use and have just announced a new raft of improvements and tools to help.

But is it working?

You read case studies of how X has achieved Y through social recruitment but the statistics are elusive and are possibly reflective of hope over actuality.

Another issues is the generation gap.

Whilst many employees are au fait with social media and might actively follow it  in job searches this can’t be said for the all important person looking for labour. It will undoubtedly come, but there will be a bridging period where the old recruitment techniques will continue to be employed especially when there is more hype than substance in social media recruitment.

In the short term having an effective referral system will make you more money than an all singing and dancing social media campaign but it will be an increasing area of importance in the marketing mix moving forward.

So the answer is to this articles headline is not now but later. 




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