Saudi Aramco Tries New Recruitment Formula

Walk-in Recruitment, once known as job fairs, are a relatively new feature on the international recruitment agency landscape and require considerable integrated resources and planning to pull them off.

  1. The end client needs to know what they want. This sounds obvious but in our experience much international recruitment is fuzzy round the edges including these arrangements, meaning the success of any initiative is undermined before it has even got off the ground. It is hard to explain why major names allow this to happen but it could be because decision making is so far down the line that those executing do not see the big picture.
  2. Going fishing is one thing but going into the pool where the fish are actually swimming is another thing and taking on board the costs of this style of recruitment, as well as the logistics, is not to be underestimated.
  3. A competitive package is required because with these schemes the organisers are not only competing against others in their home markets for talent and the employers in the targeted markets, but other international markets chasing the same talent. A recent innovation of giving a guide range for salaries and undertaking face to face negotiation may be the break through that is needed to stimulate international interest in such arrangements.
  4. Players engaging in this style of recruiting need to understand the benefits of outsourcing. The principles are straight forward but it all too often falls down on the detail and generally the fault lies with the end client, mixed with a degree of fear from recruiters too insecure to ask for the full information that is needed and then trying to recruit against an incomplete mandate.
  5. Understanding your partners needs to be incorporated for this style of recruitment to be most effective. Bully boy tactics used by major players will lead to failure and we turn down a number of these mandates for a variety of reasons. Timeframes are insufficient to do a proper job, information is incomplete and the recruitment fees are too low but above all the payment terms. Asking any supplier to undertake work today but not to get paid for 180-270 days is unreasonable.

These are words of caution for the likes of Saudi Aramco which is embracing this market place as the company embarks on a transformation program to become the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020. These changes and goals are continuing to create opportunities for oil and gas professionals and many others to support the company’s tremendous growth. English Second Language teachers are being recruited this way as an example and attending walk-in recruitment hot spots are the only way to be considered for such jobs. Candidates complete online applications and recruiters set appointments with those they are interested in interviewing.

Hiring managers will be touring the globe in February, March and April, and unlike past years, the hiring event will be focused on interviews with scheduled candidates who have submitted resumes online in advance.

Positions are available internationally with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. This year’s event will focus on three categories:

  • Educators for preschool –¬†elementary and middle school positions
  • Downstream, upstream, engineering and project-management professionals
  • Finance, information-technology, business-development and other support staff

We will be watching developments carefully but feel the techniques needs further refinement to be successful.


Author: Chris Slay


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