ESL teachers in high demand in Saudi Arabia


The Middle East rich list has just been published and the top 5 spots are taken by double digit Saudi billionaires.


  1.  $21.30bn HRH Prince Alwaleed, Banking & Finance, Saudi Arabia
  2.  $12.75bn Mohamed Al Jaber Real Estate Saudi Arabia
  3.  $12.40bn Olayan Family Banking & Finance Saudi Arabia
  4.  $10.70bn Issam Alzahid Construction & Industry Saudi Arabia
  5.  $10.40bn Mohammed Al Amoudi Energy Saudi Arabia


The overall wealth within the Middle East is staggering and therefore it should come as no surprise that the country is such a heavy investor in ESL Teachers as they look to increase the educational standards for all including the new purpose built women only known as PNU.

Such is the demand for teachers it is outstripping supply and European Recruitment Agencies are having to employ innovative techniques to try and alert candidates to the opportunities.

We are inviting early registration for 2012 in an attempt to keep up with demand let alone get ahead. Anybody interested in Working in Saudi Arabia can register here.  


Author: Lesley-Anne Hornbogen 




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