We seek ESL Teachers for one of Saudi Arabia's newest Universities

Najran University is young but growing and an opportunity for ESL Teachers to gain experience in Saudi Arabia.

Year established:
City: Najran
Province Population: 420,345
P.O. Box: 1988
Postal Code: 61441
Phone +966-7-5440277 extension 1088
Fax +966-7-5442135
Campuses: Najran and Sharurah

Enrollment & Calendar
Total Enrollment: 11,917
Total Staff: 466
Academic Calendar: By Semesters

About Najran University
King Khalid University planted the seeds for these new higher education institutions in Najran Province, south of Saudi Arabia. The majors in these colleges are market-based. They were inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques upon visiting the province in mid 2006 to launch a number of development projects. The new colleges commenced to operate independently from the mother university in 2007. Several colleges were unified under the umbrella of Najran University. The University has 15 academic departments offering 25 majors.

Mission of Najran University
As one of the higher education reverend institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Najran University took the pledge to be an active and full-fledged partner in the development process of the Saudi society as well as taking part in the regional and international progress and prosperity.

University Establishment & Placement
His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz issued a noble decree for the initiation and ordination of Najran University as a full independent educational entity on 10 / 10 / 1427 H, and thereupon the complex of colleges is transformed into a full-fledged emanating university, as a kind response to the requisition placed by His Royal Highness Prince Meshaal Ibn Saud Ibn Abdul-Aziz, during the process of the inaugural ceremony of the herein said faculty complex . Najran University is located on the eastern extension of Najran, over an exuberant 18 million square meters placing Najran University as the mega campus all over the Kingdom. A male student section –which is to be soon opened- combine 15 faculties in addition to the female student section that also to include 10 faculties with an overall intake capacity of 45,000 male and female student. A modern medical complex, research center, athletics centre and recreation centre, staff residence, and male and female student housing. A foreseeable future plans of the erection of an integrated investment revenue-generating cnvenient services complex are in the progress. It’s planned to include a shopping mall and a hotel.

Najran University Web Portal http://www.nu.edu.sa/gui/default.aspx?langid=2






Source: Ministry of Higher Education

Any ELS teachers wishing to teach here or elsewhere in Saudi Arabia should initially contact sauditeachers@recruitment-agency.eu