No 1 Ranked European Recruitment Agency

shutterstock_54255136ERA is a European recruitment agency dedicated to providing employment solutions around the world. The company operate in conjunction with Skills Provision, a popular organisation in the global sector. ERA fully support companies that are searching for top quality specialists, regardless of physical location. The goal is to become a trusted partner, working alongside companies to eliminate  skills shortages. Job seekers searching for an employment positions will not be disappointed, the levels of support offered by ERA is unrivalled.

Services Provided


A bespoke service dedicated to filling high-end positions. Assignments are undertaken by industry professionals.

Multiple or mass recruitment

Ideal when employers require high numbers to fill identical or similar roles across a number of outlets or locations.

Regular fee recruitment

Following the registration of detailed job descriptions specialist recruitment services are on offer.

Contract labour

As a leading European recruitment agency ERA not only sources job seekers, they also employ workers, dealing with welfare issues that emanate outside the workplace.

Previous Projects Include

  • Constantly placing job seekers across all EU counties
  • Continually supporting companies within Australia and New Zealand
  • Placing Eastern Europe labour into the global market
  • Mass recruitment of ESL teachers into the Middle East
  • Bespoke solutions delivered in the UK and India
  • Actively placing large teams into the global market

Why choose ERA?

  • As a European recruitment agency ERA listen to the needs of the employer, offering quality solutions that perfectly fit the requirement
  • Client feedback suggests ERA is the quickest online organisation to respond to employer’s requests

Why is
European Labour in
High Demand?